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Modern technology in our Dental Office

  • High quality dental chairs
    Our offices are equipped with very comfortable and high quality dental chairs. The newly established offices, we use ergonomic dental chairs, even for a long-time consuming procedures, will render comfort to the patients. A  significant part of our dental units are, X-rays to capture detailed images of individual teeth – RVG digital intraoral device.  X-ray film is transfered by a digital sensor and the image is immediately displayed on the monitor – directly to the dentist’s chair. The doctor can analyze the status of the entire oral cavity. Our RVG devices meets the highest demands on precision, they provide high quality and the patient exposure to X-radiation is minimal.
    Visual aids and cameras are mounted on the dental chair – for better visualization. The patient can monitor the changes, of before and after dental hygiene or flaws that needs to be repaired/ improved.
    We also have the Ultrasonic scalers.

  • An endodontic treatment
    The Apex locator machine is used to properly & effectively treat the dentinal canals. It’s an electronic device that helps in the field of Endodontics, it determines the length of the root canal. This is very important for the correct execution of endodontic treatment of the tooth. During its use, in some cases there is no need of measuring the X-ray image, thereby reducing the burden of taking dental X-rays. Measurement of this device is absolutely painless. Based on clinical studies, Its accuracy is even precise than the root length measurements  taken on radiographs. The measured values which will provide us with apex locator and radio-visiography we have been successful on treating the vast majority of Endodontic therapy.

  • OPG
    Digital Panoramic X-rays, with this electronic sensor, we are able to take comprehensive X-rays. through this cosmic unit. Digital images of the teeth, jaws and facial part of the skull (in a few seconds and at the same time), the images are immediately transferred to the patients’ file, which is available to all physicians – with minimal x-ray exposure.

  • Ddental scanner and microscope
    Open dental scanner – Scans the tooth for dental treatment ,directly transmits measurements /data from the computer and to the dental laboratory. Precise and accurate materials for the production of fixed dentures – a crown or bridge. Transmits  the highly accurate digital impression to the dental cutter and creates an exact dental replacement – aesthetically, functionally, and minimum chair time.

    In dentistry, we treat the oral cavity with every precision. For an average molar crown, i.e. the most massive teeth is 8 mm. Other than the tooth, there are also other structures that are not visible to the human eye, when not equipped with an optical device, it would be completely undetectable. Therefore, during the examination and treatment, the standard operating use of the dental microscope is a routine. The main use of the microscope in the treatment of dental canal– Endodontics

  • An sophisticated dental software
    Our most indispensable  attribute is the computer systems. Majority of the information is stored electronically, thus ensuring  to protect clients’ information and gives the general data overview to our dentists and dental staff. Thanks to a sophisticated software, we provide our patients’ flawless booking system. This year, we are planning to add the use SMS system to inform and update our patients – introduce on-line booking / confirmation of appointments. Invitations  / follow-ups for preventive examinations / check-ups.