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Our Laboratory

The dental laboratory is within close proximity to dental offices, we also operate our own dental laboratory. We have complete control over the production process and the quality of work, we produce prosthetic works faster and cheaper, for the comfort & convenience of our patients- eliminating inappropriate visit  such as; color selection, trial fitting, etc.

Our crowns and bridges are accurate, high-quality, perfect color and shape selection, that comes naturally like your own teeth. In our laboratory, we place emphasis on modern technology and absolute compliance processes. For the production of crowns and bridges, we utilize maximum extent of digital systems. The entire production process is controlled by computer – from optical fingerprint (scanning directly in the mouth), instead of classic/manual imprint, suggesting flawless anatomical shape for tooth milling and finishing work. Our dental cutter works has an of accuracy 0.015 mm.

In our laboratory, we also produce various types of sensor dentures. Our doctors and technicians recommends the denture material Flexite. Flexite is a new generation technology for the production of all types of dental prosthetics. It is lightweight and flexible plastic that adheres perfectly and conveniently to the teeth and gums. When using Flexite denture materials, it does not have a metallic taste (unlike other dentures made from metal framework), and esthetically no metal show. Flexite is biocompatible (non-allergenic). Flexite material is clean and non-toxic with no harmful chemicals.

With the close cooperation and proximity between our doctors and laboratory dental team, installation of dental material are fast, efficiently made, high-quality and eliminates deadlines.